85 Ferfield Road
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17202

Godlewski Train Repairs (a.k.a. PA-Trains) is a veteran owned business located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. We are a discount seller that has numerous distributors to help find you the lowest price possible on all your model railroading needs. This website is under construction and is NOT all inclusive of items that we carry or can obtain for you. If there is an item you'd like a quote on, please send an email to us with the manf model number as well as your zip code so we can provide an accurate shipping quote. We use USPS 1st Class or Priority Mail whenever possible.

SALES@PA-TRAINS.COM (503)318-9582

Brands Available include:
Atlas    Athearn    Bachmann    Digitrax    Lionel              Rokuhan      MRC
MTH      Bowser     Fox Valley  NCE         RMT                 Tomy         Model Power
KATO     Noch       Walthers    AZL         Micro Trains Line   Kadee        and More

Z Scale Locomotives Z Scale Rolling Stock Z Scale Track Z Scale Accessories
N Scale Locomotives N Scale Rolling Stock N Scale Track N Scale Accessories
S Scale Locomotives S Scale Rolling Stock S Scale Track S Scale Accessories
O Scale Locomotives O Scale Rolling Stock O Scale Track O Scale Accessories
Train Controls AC Train Controls DC Train Controls DCC Consignment Items